by Jenny Veenstra

KZN Champs very succesfull

For the first time Jenny was able to be at KZN champs and help her students with their warm-up.

It showed once again how hard work, dedication and a good preparation pay off!

In Elementary Medium a clean sweep for riders at the Jenny Veenstra clinics! First place was for Calet de Vos and Radient, second place for Beryl Johnston and Ultimo and a third place for Gen McNeill and Legacy.

The Prix st. Georges was for Jenny Renken and Tsjabring, Calet de Vos placed third with Reinoud fan e Homar and fourth with Videnco, while in Intermediare I Gen McNeill scored second place with Johnny B!

Picture from left to right: Calet de Vos, Jenny Renken and Gen McNeill

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